All American Harley-Davidson details how they eliminated an hour of labor on every engine rebuild with their Omegasonics parts washers.


✓Harley-Davidson Sales and Service

✓Chrome parts from all over the bike
✓All engine parts-carburetors, pistons, cylinders, heads
✓Transmission parts including whole inner-primaries

✓Dirt/Mud, Varnish, Grease, Carbon


✓Omegasonics Pro Plus

✓Increased business realized from walk-in business that can be serviced immediately

✓Elimination of chemical products
✓Elimination of chemical delivery/disposal service
✓Up to 1 hour labor saved per tear-down job

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Below the Beltway

About an hour south of our nation’s capital, All American Harley-Davidson sells and services what many consider our nation’s motorcycle: Harley-Davidson.

All American has been in business since 2001, serving a broad array of customers from unmistakable bikers to doctors and lawyers who fire up their V-Twins for weekend stress relief.

The dealership carries approximately $1 million in inventory and offers bone-stock Harleys to elaborate custom machines.

Total Exposure

Christian Harms is All American’s Master Technician, working under the direction of General Manager Jim Harris. The All American team knows that Harley-Davidson is an image and a lifestyle.

Every part of the bike is exposed and must meet the standards of the Harley rider. The machine has to perform and be spotless at the same time. “They always leave looking better than they came in,” Christian said.

A Toxic Legacy

At first, All American used a solvent recycling service that exchanged 30 gallon sink-on-a-drums every two months. The drum unit pumped solvent into the sink where the dirty parts would soak before being hand-brushed. T

he process was slow and brought a large amount of toxic chemicals into the workplace. Even with the solvents and hand labor, results were not always certain. “It was hard to know if you were getting every nook and cranny,” Christian admitted.

Harley-Davidson Recommends Omegasonics

Members of All American Harley-Davidson attended an official dealer show where they were introduced to Omegasonics and their line of ultrasonic cleaning systems and engineered soaps.

Christian had worked with hot tanks in the past and he immediately appreciated the differences in the Omegasonics approach, namely sound waves that provided powerful agitation and soaps that protected the surfaces they cleaned.

Harley’s endorsement of Omegasonics as a trusted vendor made the ultimate impact. All American purchased an Omegasonics Pro Plus with a 33 gallon capacity and 2000 watts of ultrasonic power.

For their cleaning solution, they selected OmegaClean, an Omega Chemistry product that removes oil, grease, light carbon, and contaminants from a variety of metals. OmegaClean’s buffers protect aluminum finishes and its silicates guard against flash rusting.

A Long parts List for the Pro Plus

Once back in Maryland, the All American team began testing different parts in the Omegasonics Pro Plus to make sure the machine was “Harley friendly.”

Christian knew that raw aluminum and clear coat aluminum were very sensitive to chemicals. Likewise, a chemical misstep with powdercoat finishes would separate the coating from the part.

Then there were steel cams, crankshafts and multiple pieces made from Harley-Davidson’s signature chrome-plated metal. In the end, Omegasonics proved compatible and safe with every selected part.

Saving Time on a Tough Job 

Transmission seal leaks are a tough job on any Harley. The repair work typically takes about four hours. Christian found that the Omegasonic Pro Plus could shave approximately one hour off the process.

“I now remove the inner-primary and put it into the Omegasonics,” Christian explained. “No wiping, no special preparation. While the inner-primary is getting clean, I’m free to replace seals and do other work.”

Exceeding Expectations 

Christian and his General Manager Jim Harris understand that running a Harley dealership comes down to exceeding expectations. The Omegasonics Pro Plus helps them do better work in less time. “Every Harley shop should have an Omegasonics,” Christian concluded.

The entire inner-primary goes into the Omegasonics Pro Plus.

Before and After: Pistons go into the Omegasonics Pro Plus dark and dirty and come out immaculate.

Omegasonics gives “hands off” cleaning a whole new meaning.