Wiks Racing details how Omegasonics cut their labor time, created new business opportunities and eliminated their dependence on cleaning solvents for their off-road rebuilding business.


✓Racing engine building and service

✓Aluminum Heads
✓Cooling system components
✓Oil Coolers

✓Carbon deposits, Metal Shavings, Oil


✓Omegasonics Super Pro

✓Expanded business in cleaning coolers: oil, transmission, radiators

✓Elimination of chemical/aerosol products
✓Elimination of chemical delivery/disposal service
✓1 hour labor saved, piston set

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Turn Right for the Strip; Turn Left for Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning at WIK’S Racing

Heading north on I-15 into Las Vegas, Russell Road is the first off-ramp as you approach the Strip. Turn right if you’re coming for the typical pastimes. Turn left if you need top quality work on your racing and custom engines. Wik’s Racing is west of the Strip, in the part of Vegas that looks more like your regular American town.

Adam Wik has been in business for over 10 years, building and repairing racing engines, custom engines built-to-order and sophisticated street machines.

Off-Road Engines Require Frequent Service

90 percent of Adam’s business is off-road racers. Engines that go out of Wik’s are put to the test across the American Southwest and Mexico, including the Parker 425 and the Baja 1000.

The engines range from air-cooled VW four-cylinders to water-cooled small-block Chevy V8s for trophy trucks and Corvette 427 LS1s for unlimited class 1 cars. Every race or two, customers’ engines head back to Wik’s to be repaired, cleaned and made ready for the next match.

Awash in Solvents

The demands of off-road racing pack oil and carbon deep into engine parts. “These engines have to go out like they’re brand-new every time,” Adam says, emphasizing the quality of work expected by his racing team clients.

Adam used a solvent recycling service that came to his shop and exchanged his multi-gallon drums on a regular basis. Hot water spray tanks were part of the cleaning equation as well-all adding up to excess time, manual labor and chemicals.

Introducing the Super Pro Ultrasonic Carb Cleaner

Adam learned about the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning and began doing research. “I looked into a few manufacturers but I was impressed with Omegasonics’ reputation-they stood out,” said Adam. “They have a great machine and were real easy to deal with.”

After a hands-on session with Omegasonics products at a tradeshow, Adam purchased the Omegasonics Super Pro with a 45 gallon capacity and 4000 watts of ultrasonic power.

For his cleaning solution, he chose OmegaClean, an Omega Chemistry product that removes oil, carbon, and contaminants from a variety of metals. OmegaClean’s buffers protect aluminum finishes and its silicates guard against flash rusting.

Into the Ultrasonic Tank

Adam had a long list of difficult, dirty parts destined for his Omegasonics. Every carburetor went into the bath, along with pistons, crankshafts, rods and oil lines. “There’s nothing like it for fine cleaning,” Adam attested. “It gets into places you can’t see.” Foreign material washes out of ring lands and carbon deposits lift off piston tops.

Overall shop productivity has improved with Omegasonics. As an example, Adam estimates one hour in labor savings when cleaning a piston set. “Anything you want clean … it goes in that tank,” he said.

Good News Spreads

The news about the ultrasonic carb cleaning power of Omegasonics has spread to other racing outfits in the area. “We have teams sending us their custom oil coolers, transmission coolers and radiators,” Adam revealed. “That’s a nice piece of extra business and a vote of confidence in Wik’s Racing, thanks to Omegasonics.”

“Anything you want clean. It goes in the tank.”
Adam Wik, Owner, Wik’s Racing