Five Time Management Hacks 

Everyone wants to be more productive and aware of time management. Whether it is at home getting chores done or at work trying to get your latest project finished. Often times it seems like the harder we try to be more productive the less productive we are.

Here are five tips  you can use to remain more productive throug your day, week or  year with time management.

Stop Multitasking

Many people pride themselves on their ability to multitask. They are talking on a conference call, writing emails and setting up a client meeting all at the same time. Unfortunately time and again it is shown that all multitasking does is create a long series of interruptions in your day.

Don’t multitask. Focus on one task and see it through to completion. Once that task is done then focus on the next task. You may find that your days end much quicker than when you thought you were doing a good job of multitasking.

Work when you Are in the Zone

Ever just feel like you were grooving it at work? You seem to be flying through task after task and have no issues getting things done. Other times it feels like just answering emails is a chore.

That is fine and completely normal. The important thing is to recognize when you are in the zone and recognize when you aren’t. Take advantage of the days when you are firing on all cylinders. Trying to force things on an off day may just end up leading to more work.

Time does not Equal Productive

Spending more time doing a task doesn’t make you more productive. Having a deadline or a constraint can help you focus the time you do have and be focused on meeting that deadline. Spending more hours on a project simply means you have more time to waste.

Group Your Communications

Ever feel like the minute you get into a groove at work you end up having to go to a meeting? Meetings, phone calls and teleconferences can be a constant interruption during the day. Fortunately you have control over your schedule. Group all of your meetings together so that you can have a communication block and an uninterrupted work block. That way once you get into your groove you can stay there.

Prioritize your Task List

Do you have a task list at work? Most well-organized people do. Do you rank your tasks on that list? If you don’t you should. No two tasks have the same priority. Their position on your task list should reflect their importance. Make sure that you have a ranked task list so you can work through the things that are most important first.

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