extra large industrial ultrasonic cleaner


This large, 4000 gallon tank is used to clean large DC electric motors for the paper mill industry. Rotors and stators are lifted by overhead cranes into the tank seated on motor stand so that the rotor can be turned during the cleaning process. Steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum surfaces are more thoroughly cleaned versus steam cleaning and pressure washing providing better electric capacity.

Unique Features

  • Heavy duty 10 gauge tank construction
  • 20,000 Watts heat
  • 48,000 Peak Watts ultrasound
  • Dual frequency design 25/ 40 kHz
  • Side mount transducers
  • Triple cartridge filtration
  • Separate generator cabinet with controls
  • 3 phase/ 480 VAC/ 75 Amp

Tank Dimensions

  • 152" Length x 98" Width x 60" Depth

Overall Dimensions

  • 181" Length x 110" Width x 76" Depth


  • 4,000 gallons

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