The goal of any manufacturing process is to get quality parts delivered on time. It is frustrating when your own internal quality control, or worse a customer’s quality control, rejects your parts and sends them back for a remanufacture.

An ultrasonic cleaner can help you reduce the number of quality control rejects that you receive. Strenuous quality control inspection is taken with every Omegasonics product. Below are the top four ways that an ultrasonic cleaner can reduce the number of rejects that you receive:

No More Chemical Cleaner Residue

Depending on the customer’s application, the presence of some chemical cleaners might cause them to reject a part. The truth is, though, manufacturing quite often requires the use of lubricants and other chemicals. If you are cleaning your parts by hand, heavy cleaners or degreasers are often needed to remove those lubricants and chemicals after the manufacturing process.

Ultrasonic cleaners use micro-bubbles and cavitation to clean your parts, not strong chemicals. In some cases, you can use mostly water to get the job done. This means that when the parts come out to be rinsed, you do not have to worry about cleaning chemical residue.

Cleaner Parts When Shipped

When cleaning by hand, there are just some places in a complex part that the person doing the cleaning might not be able to reach. This does not mean that the customer will not be checking to see if those places are clean. This can lead to a reject of a part.

When using an ultrasonic cleaner, the part is submerged in a solution that gets into every corner of your part. This means that those hard to reach, or even impossible to reach, places will come clean in the ultrasonic cleaner when they might have been missed by hand.

Better Consistency

Let us face it, not everyone has the same standards. When cleaning parts by hand, some people might have slightly higher standards for what is a “clean part” than others. On the customer’s end, this can lead to a frustrating mix of parts at different cleanliness levels. When these types of inconsistencies occur, quality control will step in and send the parts that are not up to their standard back.

Ultrasonic cleaners will clean your parts the same way every time. There is no need to worry about personal standards or judgments, the parts are just clean and ready to be shipped.

Reaching Places Other Methods Cannot Reach

Ultrasonic cleaning works at the microscopic level. It is capable of cleaning an opening as small as a human hair. This just is not possible when using other methods or cleaning by hand.

If you are providing parts that have this fine level of detail, ultrasonic cleaning can prevent rejects due to small clogged parts or tubing by making sure all of these delicate areas are clean.

Omegasonics has a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners for all of your cleaning needs. Take a look at our ultrasonic cleaner catalog today!