If you are a contents restoration company not yet using the latest technology in ultrasonic cleaning, then you are potentially missing on countless amounts of clients, jobs and money.

With today’s technology, using an ultrasonic cleaning machine is the ONLY way to reduce cleaning costs, improve cleaning time/effectiveness and reduce the number of cash outs on highly damaged items.

After a disaster has struck, such as a residential home fire, the insurance company and homeowner work together to find a suitable restoration company. Insurance professionals are now only choosing restoration companies that use modern ultrasonic equipment because of their ability to quickly clean fire damaged contents and restore them to pre-loss condition.

Some of these items may be impossible to restore by hand. Cleaning a box of contents by hand would normally take about hour for an experienced contents cleaner. Inside a typical box, you may find everyday items such as statues, fine china, a T.V. remote, etc… The cleaning technician would use specialized brushes and sponges to reach every crack in and around the item. This process is often long, tedious, and expensive.

In one hour, a team of workers single worker can clean an average of 10-12 of these boxes using ultrasonic equipment. Ultrasound reaches those hard to get nooks and crannies in a fraction of the time, allowing a worker to use their time more effectively on other projects. Because of the extreme difference in cleaning time, insurance companies now pay a lot less to restore a home filled with damaged items.

If you are a restoration company not using the latest in ultrasonic technology, you simply cannot afford to stay in the dark ages of inefficiency and hand cleaning.