In previous posts we’ve talked about finding the right balance between ultrasonic chemistry, frequency, time, and process to maximize industrial ultrasonic cleaning efficiency.

To uncover how to optimize these elements, we use our state-of-the-art testing lab located in Simi Valley, California.

We think of our testing lab sort of like a “CSI crime scene lab” and even refer to ourselves as “chemistry detectives”.

Omegasonics has a large library of ultrasonic cleaning protocols for a variety of parts. However, if we get a call regarding an item that we have never tested before, we will have the client send us their dirty and contaminated parts.

That will enable us to test different batches in different chemistries to find the most effective combinations. Time, temperature and orientation are all experimented with and varied. This information is cross-examined by an ultrasonic cleaning process sheet. A process sheet is a detailed series of instructions regarding temperature, time, etc… on how to clean an item along with a cleaning recipe.

After extensive research is conducted, Omegasonics isolates the best ultrasonic cleaning protocol, document the method, and send the items back to our customers along with the correct ultrasonic cleaning process. We can even put the testing on camera and upload it onto YouTube for real time observation.

If you or anyone else knows of an industrial tool or part with an unidentified cleaning process, contact us immediately! We love using our top notch test lab to uncover more ultrasonic cleaning mysteries. It’s elementary, my dear Watson it’s the smarter choice!