Omegasonics machines are being used worldwide by a wide range of people and businesses looking to lower costs and improve the safety and effectiveness of industrial cleaning.

Perhaps one of our most interesting clients has been Jay Leno of the Tonight Show on NBC.

A Visit to Jay Leno’s Garage

Several years ago, the mechanics at Jay’s garage, where Jay owns and restores over 200 vehicles and motorcycles, came to us looking for a faster way to clean and refurbish their old car parts. Some of these parts are over 150 years old!

Soon enough we set Jay and his staff up with an Omegasonics Super Pro inside his garage. The Super Pro was the right choice for Jay because it gave him the versatility to clean almost any engine part. The Super Pro is an industrial sized machine designed to carry a heavy work load every day.

Previously, Jay’s staff was using toxic solvents and chemicals that produced skin irritations. The very next day after they received their Omegasonics machine, we had calls telling us how impressed they were. In just one day they had saved a ton of cleaning time.

I decided, along with our sales manager Joe Gilbert, to head down to Burbank, California to check out our Omegasonics machine in action. Jay now calls his garage his “Green Garage” in part to his Omegasonics Super Pro.

Our machine has been featured with Jay Leno in a past issue of Popular Mechanics, which can be found here.

You also may have noticed the video on our website where Jay and I use his machine to clean one of his caked on carbon pistons along with other items.

Jay Leno may be one of the funniest comedians in the world, but he doesn’t joke around when it comes to cleaning his cars!