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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

(First in a two-part seriesUltrasonic cleaners provide us with a number of benefits that aren’t available with other styles of industrial parts washers.

It’s because of these benefits we see them being used in a wide range of industries throughout the world, including medical, food processing, electronics, aerospace, and disaster recovery, among other more conventional places.

As parts get smaller and more intricate, and companies push to drive down the cost of doing business, ultrasonic cleaners become the “parts cleaner of choice.” In this first of a two-part series, we will begin to investigate the benefits of ultrasonic cleaners by looking at five of their advantages.

1. Time SavingsUltrasonic cleaners emit up to 40 thousand sound pulses per second, and each pulse provides cleaning action as it impacts the part surface. Because of this high-frequency wave action, ultrasonic cleaners can remove contaminants faster and better than other types of cleaners.

2. Gentle Cleaning – Ultrasonic cleaners remove contaminants without abrasion, harsh scrubbing, or high-pressure sprays, making them ideal to clean even the most delicate parts. This is why they are used to clean microchips, computer parts, plated parts, and irreplaceable family heirlooms.

3. Versatile Contaminant Removal – Ultrasonic cleaners can remove an almost endless variety of contaminants from a part’s surface, including oil, grease, wax, shavings, dirt, dust, clay, sand, parting compound, soot, carbon, and oxidation, down to a microscopic particle size. No other parts cleaning system offers that level of flexibility in the same unit.

4. No Part Too ComplexUltrasonic cleaners really “shine” when it comes to cleaning complex parts. Because the cleaning detergent and high-frequency waves penetrate all surfaces, even hidden passageways, narrow openings, crevices, cracks, and blind-drilled holes get just as clean as the visible surfaces without the intense hand-cleaning costs.

5. Low Power Consumption – Compared to other types of parts-cleaning systems that use a variety of motors to pump, spray, circulate, agitate, and capture the cleaning chemical and its vapors, ultrasonic cleaners need only one small motor to filter the solution. The rest of the cleaning is done with efficient electrical energy and transducers, keeping power consumption to a minimum.

We have only scratched the surface as far as benefits are concerned. In the second article of this two-part series, we will look at even more advantages that ultrasonic cleaners provide. Their versatility, gentle cleaning action, ability to clean complex parts, time savings afforded, and low power consumption requirements have drawn many industries to their use, and in the next article, we’ll see that there are plenty of other compelling reasons as well.

For more information on ultrasonic cleaners visit the Omegasonics website. You can also find us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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