Save money and headaches with contents restoration

Smoke, heat, and water after a fire or flood can severely damage your household or business belongings.  Before ultrasonic-cleaning technology arrived on the scene, victims of natural disasters like these would be forced to throw out much of what they owned.

As you might imagine, purchasing new items got extremely expensive, and wrestling with insurance payouts made it doubly difficult. It was time-consuming enough to simply replace those items one could go out and buy, like appliances, everyday dishes, computers, electronics, clothing, and other common household items.

However, the worst part of disaster restoration was handling those irreplaceable items like family heirlooms or other one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Those items can never be replaced.

Restoration with Ultrasonic Cleaning Tackles Fire or Flood Damage

After a fire, your household belongings may be oxidized, bent out of shape from heat, covered with soot, and waterlogged from attempts to put the fire out. In the past, many of these items would be beyond repair.

Today, restoration companies that specialize in fire damage can now remove the soot and smell from most of those items and return them to their original condition, thanks to ultrasonic cleaning systems and technology. Those items that are too large or require special cleaning—like large appliances and computers—can be cleaned as well. Companies that use ultrasonic cleaning can also salvage your precious family heirlooms.

The same is true if your home or business is subjected to water damage from a flood. After the waters subside, your property might be covered in mud and smell like dead fish or decaying water plants. If they are left alone without further treatment, your items may have bacteria and mold start to grow on them, making them a health risk.

Once a restoration company comes in and begins ultrasonic cleaning, however, most of those items can be saved, and they will not be a health risk in the present time or in the future. Most items can be restored to pre-flood condition, with all the dirt and smell cleaned away.

Thanks to ultrasonic cleaning, many irreplaceable items can be completely salvaged, and even those that are more easily replaceable can be cleaned at a fraction of the cost of buying them new.

The end result? Ultrasonic cleaning not only saves money for both consumers and insurance companies, but also can restore precious belongings, and you can’t put a price on that.

Restoration with Ultrasonic Cleaning: Cost-Effective and Powerful

Whether you’re an end consumer or representing an insurance agency, you’ve got to love the lower cost associated with ultrasonic-cleaning restoration. Restoration companies charge only a fraction of what it would cost if you had to buy all of those items again, and they do it using safe, gentle, environmentally responsible ultrasonic-cleaning systems that won’t damage even the most delicate and fragile of your items.

On-site, mobile units can be used to clean and return your smaller items to you right away, reducing cost and turnaround time. For larger items, restoration companies usually offer centralized facilities equipped to handle almost any size and weight household item while still doing a thorough cleaning job.

What can be cleaned and restored? You may be surprised to learn that almost anything can be cleaned with ultrasonic-cleaning methods. Small appliances, radios, and other electronics, computers, dishes, kitchenware,clothes, toys, and even mini-blinds can be cleaned and returned using ultrasonic-cleaning technology.

Being the victim of a fire or flood is painful enough for you and your family without the added misery, cost and time spent shopping for a whole household’s worth of belongings. Not to mention the heartache involved with having to throw away treasured family heirlooms because they’re covered in soot and are too delicate to scrub clean.

Fire damage and water damage can now be more effectively removed with ultrasonic-cleaning techniques. Thanks to this transformative technology, a tragedy, if it strikes, can be a lot less stressful to your family.

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