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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Like a gadget from Batman’s utility belt, there is an Omegasonics soap for nearly every tough industrial cleaning job you can imagine. In general, our ultrasonic cleaning solutions are designed for cleaning a wide variety of materials and are very effective at stripping away any gunk that doesn’t belong there. They are designed using the latest chemical technology, and, wherever possible, are more environmentally friendly than most industrial detergents. Added to our industrial ultrasonic cleaners, they provide an unbeatable combination of cleaning power.

As our ultrasonic cleaning technology was developed, it was discovered that if liquid surface tension were reduced, bubble cavitation increased, leading to even more effective cleaning. Each of our cleaning solutions contains chemicals designed to intensify the cleaning effects beyond what ultrasonic alone can do.

General Ultrasonic Cleaning Soaps

OmegaSupreme, one of our mainstays is a good example of this type of soap. This popular alkaline detergent is ideal for removing oils, light grease, dirt, grime, carbon and other contaminants from a wide variety of metals, including stainless steel, titanium and carbon steel. Strong enough to clean metals, it’s gentle enough to clean most plastics, too. However, although soap-based metal cleaners will remove oil and grease from metals, the ones designed for use with plastic and fabric won’t remove oil stains.


Formulated to clean metals covered in corrosion or mineral deposits, descalers are designed to remove these deposits without damaging the metal underneath. Need a powerful passivator which also removes built-up calcium carbonate?  Look no further than Citrisurf. Not only does it provide passivation at industry standards, but it’s environmentally safe, unlike the more commonly used nitric acid. For a more specific type of cleaning–brass musical instruments–Omega Horn Clean. Descalers work with our ultrceasonic units to take out calcium deposits and grime from every crevice.

Enzyme Detergents

Enzyme detergents, such as our OmegaZyme, digest oils and turn them into carbon dioxide. Enzyme cleaners are solvent free and 100% organic. They are generally used for degreasing and can be far more effective than general soaps for this purpose. In fact, they can completely remove oil down to the molecular level, if this is required. In some cases, they’re used to remove biological contaminants from medical instruments, too.

Extreme Cleaners

Our cleaners range from OmegaMaxx, a powerful alkaline cleaner used for heavy carbon buildup, to the aforementioned Citrisurf, a citric cleaner which removes free iron molecules from the surface of stainless and titanium to eliminate corrosion and rust, a process known as passivation. Another alkaline example is OmegaFinish, which removes waxy residue from metals, though it shouldn’t be used with aluminum. In fact, be careful with any highly alkaline or acidic formula –any of them can damage aluminum, brass and copper.

Specialty Detergents

As anyone who’s experienced in restoration after a devastating fire can tell you, it’s extremely difficult to remove soot, smoke odors dirt and grime from fire damage. OmegaSmoke works powerfully on ceramics, glass, metals, plastics rubber and even water-resistant cloth to restore and renew items to their previous state.

In the printing business and wondering what to do with those ink-soaked, gummy rollers? OmegaBlue is specifically formulated to remove ink and ink residue. In fact, it’s specifically designed to clean Anilox rollers without damaging them.

It might be hard to imagine, but even circuit boards and other delicate electronics can be cleaned after fire damage by Omega Aqua Clean. This incredible detergent even removes many types of solder flux.

Other specialty detergents include OmegaChem, a paint remover, Omega Mold Release Agent, which cleans burnt-on crystalline rubber, plastic and food from steel molds and dies, and OmegaResin, designed to remove various types of plastics and resins from metal molds and dies.

These types of detergents are formulated for specific applications. However, if used outside their intended purpose, they can actually cause damage, so be sure to follow the directions for intended use!

Friendly for the Environment and Employees

Omegasonics is proud to say that there are no solvents in our ultrasonic cleaning solutions. Even though no industrial solvents are used, they still maintain a high level of cleaning effectiveness. This not only saves you money, but also helps to protect the environment.

Many industrial solvents use chemical groups, such as alkylphenols and ethoxylates, which can be extremely damaging to employees and to environmental health if not handled/disposed of properly.

To learn more about how our ultrasonic cleaning solutions are safe for the environment and employees, check out these blogs:

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