Do you run a disaster recovery business? Are you looking for the way to take your operation to the next level? Then you may want to consider the Advanced Contents Restoration Certification Course offered by Omegasonics.

Not only can it help you improve your business processes and get your business running smoother, the course can help you learn how to impress adjustors and clients.

Training for Your Staff

Even the most experienced staff can have different methods of cleaning. These slight differences can lead to inconsistencies that may show up at the end of the restoration process. Training can help your staff achieve excellent and consistent results every time.

The course trains your staff on the latest technologies for improved cleaning methods. They are also trained on digital inventory and processing software. This training, and subsequent trainings, will help to ensure that your staff is quick, consistent and able to use their ultrasonic cleaning tools to the fullest extent.

Beating the Competition

What gives your business the edge over competitors? The ability to offer services that competitors are unable to offer. This means the ability to clean not only hard contents but electronics and soft contents, as well. Being able to add those services is more than just installing the equipment.  You will learn about all of the necessary supporting equipment as well as how to install (or get it installed) properly in your facility.

This upgrade to your services will give you the ability to handle contents that many of your competitors simply can’t — giving you the edge that you need to draw more business.

Facility Optimization

Is your cleaning floor optimized for efficiency? Even if you think your operation is running at close to peak efficiency, you can give it that extra boost that it needs.

Learn how to design your facility for the optimized workflow of contents. This can include packing and labeling your contents for the designated cleaning station. This will save you time and effort at work when you search for and move boxes.

Have the Right Look to Impress Auditors and Customers

Does your facility have the look that it needs to draw in that new customer? There are simple ways that you can improve the look of your facility so that it not only is an asset in getting work completed, it draws the attention of potential customers.

This class offers contents restoration and certification tips like how to label your machines and post signs that help the overall look of your facility. You’ll also learn some helpful suggestions, such as how to paint the floor to give it that finished, professional look.

Training and Certification Leads to Efficiency and Consistency

Why do you need our contents restoration and certification course? To make your restoration business and facility the best it can be.

Along with the course comes the ability to contact Omegasonics around the clock for troubleshooting and follow-up questions.

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