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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Different Types of Parts Washers

Parts washers are used to help maintain the excellent working condition of the parts for further processing. These machines can be classified as Manual, semi-automated, and fully automated.

Manual – These part washers are slowly being depleted in the manufacturing industry because of its manual operation, wherein it involves hand cleaning the parts in a drum.

Semi-automated – In these types of parts washers, the cleaning process is automated, but the load and unload process are done manually.

Automated – These types of parts washers involve using a conveying system to load the automated cleaning process parts.

Below are the Most Common Types of Parts Washers according to their function in the industry.

Immersion Parts Washer:

Immersion parts washers are one of the most common parts washers used in the machining industry. These are used to degrease a part prior to undergoing another process. These types of parts washers utilize agitation or oscillation to clean the parts submerged under a cleaning solution. The parts are submerged in the solvent with a vibrating motion. This motion creates turbulence in the solution, which will clean the parts.

Spray Cabinet Parts Washer:

These types of parts washers are commonly used in an industrial environment. The cleaning process in spray cabinet parts washers involves using a heated high-pressure spray to clean any parts. The parts will be loaded through a door in the machine and are usually placed in a cleaning basket. Placing them in a basket will prevent the scattering of parts during the high-pressure cleaning process. The parts inside the cleaning chamber will be subjected to a high-powered spray of the cleaning solution (a mixture of water and cleaning agents).

Multi-Purpose Spray Cabinet Parts Washer:

These types of parts washers are designed to cater to low volume loads for parts cleaning. Multi-purpose spray cabinets provide efficient and convenient cleaning for small batches.


Conveyor Parts Washer:

Conveyor type parts washers use a systematized enclosed transport system. The system involves enclosing the parts in a basket and traveling to a series of phases for cleaning. The design of conveying systems varies depending on the functions defined in each cleaning stage (e.g., rinse – spray – rinse – flip – rinse – dry).

Rotary Drum Parts Washer:

Rotary Drum Parts washers provide efficient cleaning of small parts in high volumes. These parts washing system is equipped with automated systems that will help clean, rinse, and dry. Some rotary drum washers are equipped with an immersion agitation feature that will help clean inside tubes and hollows.


Thermal Deburring Parts Washer:

Thermal Deburring Parts Washers provide an extra deburring process that will efficiently remove the smallest burrs left after the manual finishing process. Thermal deburring involves placing parts in a chamber. The chamber will be filled with pressurized gas. This pressurized gas will then be ignited for milliseconds at a specific temperature enough to burn the burrs. This phenomenon will cause the small burrs to be burnt without damaging the actual part. The common flammable gas used for this process is either methane or hydrogen.


Ultrasonic Parts Washer:

Ultrasonic Parts washers are used for highly complicated custom parts wherein immersing or spraying could not clean specific areas. These areas include blind holes, complex series of holes, and closed parts. Ultrasonic cleaners use frequencies (20-400kHz) to cause agitation for cleaning. The introduction of high frequency to the cleaning solution will create cavitation bubbles to agitate the solution in hard-to-reach areas. This agitation will go deep into the tiniest holes and finest crevices of a part to remove contaminants. These types of parts washers have variations as small as benchtops and as large as high volume washing.

Tunnel Parts Washer:

Tunnel Parts washers are useful for linear type washing. In this process, the parts are placed on a conveying system that will travel linearly through the treatment phases. These parts washers are designed according to the dimension and shape of a part, hourly output for rinsing, and drying process.