For example, did you know that picking the wrong ultrasonic soap when cleaning can cause your machine to suffer from a poor cleaning performance? It can damage the item and disrupt the cavitation process, as well.

Using the wrong soap can also decrease efficiency in ultrasonic cleaning, resulting in un-maximized gains. Omegasonics is one of the few companies that offers 40 pre-designed and formulated detergents that work in any industrial ultrasonic cleaning application.

What Ultrasonic Cleaning Soaps Do

Many companies may offer soaps; Omegasonics also offers “detergents”. Detergents are developed specifically for industrial use. These detergents range from:

  • Abrasive to rub or scour away accumulated dirt
  • Acids for removing mineral deposits and rust
  • pH modifiers to regulate various chemical activities
  • Oxidizers to bleach and disinfect
  • Enzymes to break down oils

More information on Ultrasonic cleaning soaps:

For a complete list of all the soaps we offer, click here.

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Works

Choosing the correct solution for your application is critical. This can prevent damage to the part and insure you’re getting effective cleaning action. To further learn about how ultrasonic waves work in conjunction with solutions, here are a few resources:

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