Power sports, such as motorcycle racing, jet skis, and bobsled riding, can be rough on the components of these machines. Over a season of hard use, maintenance needs to be done, particularly on carburetors.

Since an engine really only needs fuel, air, and spark to live, and the carb is responsible for two-thirds of that equation, many motorcycle and other power sport vehicle engine issues stem from this vital part. Yet, it’s also a hard part to clean with traditional methods. Enter the ultrasonic cleaner.

With an ultrasonic cleaning unit and the right detergent, a business that services power sport vehicles can move from hours of tedious labor with dangerous chemicals to a smooth and thorough cleaning operation accomplished in a fraction of time and for a fraction of the cost.

Motorcycle repair shop discovers the power of ultrasonic cleaning

But don’t take our word for it. Ask All American Harley-Davidson in Hughesville, Maryland, just south of our nation’s capital. This bike shop sells and services these high-end and iconic motorcycles to everyone from longtime bikers to emergency room doctors who like to ride the highways for weekend stress relief. Harley riders’ engine performance standards are high, but so are their cleanliness standards since every part of the bike engine is exposed for everyone to see. If you have a dirty engine, it becomes obvious quickly.

Traditional cleaning methods required soaking, hand-scrubbing, prolonged exposure to a toxic solvent and then expensive chemical delivery and disposal service, to boot. Not only that, but overall results of all this time, expense and labor were inconsistent at best. After meeting the Omegasonics team and seeing a demonstration at a Harley-Davidson dealer show, All American purchased an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner from Omegasonics and began using it to clean their grimiest and most elaborate parts. It was a roaring success.

Jobs that used to take All American four hours now take an hour, and they save up to an hour of labor per tear-down job. Christian Harms, Master Technician at All American Harley-Davidson describes the ease of their new process: “I now remove the inner-primary and put it into the Omegasonics unit. No wiping, no special preparation. While the inner-primary is getting clean, I’m free to replace seals and do other work. [Before] it was hard to know if you were getting every nook and cranny. Every Harley shop should have an Omegasonics unit.”

Safe, precision cleaning with an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner

In short, an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner eliminates soaking in dangerous solvents or tedious hand-scrubbing. It also significantly decreases labor time required for most maintenance and repair jobs, freeing workers for other tasks. An ultrasonic cleaning device thoroughly cleans all parts safely, including all chrome pieces, carburetors, pistons, cylinders, and all transmission parts, and it eliminates the need for toxic waste removal or other expensive services.

How does an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner work?

Omegasonics’ ultrasonic cleaning technology is created by generators that produce high-frequency electricity. This electricity is then converted into sound waves through a transducer, which makes these waves vibrate.

As the waves travel through water, tiny vacuum bubbles form and repeatedly implode upon any surface they encounter, removing even microscopic dirt particles. These cavitation bubbles reach and clean grooves, cracks and hidden crevices more effectively than alternative methods.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology does not require toxic chemicals or hands-on work, and Omegasonics units use only water-based solutions.

The Omegasonics line of ultrasonic carburetor cleaners

Below is a list of our products specifically engineered for cleaning power sport carburetors as well as other engine parts, of course.

Each of them is different in size and may operate with different levels of power of frequency. These can affect how an ultrasonic cleaner may affect different materials and component types. As always, it’s best to call and talk to one of Omegasonics’ experts before making a final decision on an ultrasonic cleaner.

Want to find out more about how Omegasonics can revolutionize your power sport carburetor cleaning business? Contact one of our ultrasonic cleaning consultants today at Omegasonics or give our experts a call at (888) 420-4445.