You wash your hands with soap and water, so why wouldn’t you wash your industrial parts in the same way?

The world is turning “green” and more businesses than ever are choosing safe and eco friendly methods to clean their industrial parts and machinery.

One reason ultrasonic technology is superior to other forms of cleaning is its main ingredients: soap and water.

How are you currently handling your industrial parts cleaning and waste water disposal? Prior cleaning methods used chemicals toxic to the environment, as well as to human skin and organs.

These types of chemicals must be disposed of in a particular manner, and usually involve contracting with a third party company who specializes in disposing substances with a petroleum base.

Alternatively, ultrasound typically uses water and water-based cleaning agents which is why it is the most eco-friendly cleaning option in the world. In most instances draining your machine is easy. However, cleaning extremely greasy and dirty parts will require a specialized disposal process. This is because the parts being clean are contaminated, not because of the water-based soaps.

In such a situation, we recommend evaporating the ultrasonic bath, which leaves only greasy sludge behind. The sludge can be collected, and, after several bath changes, you’ll have enough sludge so that it can be transported to a processing plant. This will save you money with disposing your waste.

One of our clients, Mercury Marine, recently purchased a wastewater-recycling machine and began to use it onsite. These smart filters use a flocculation process that first binds the containments, and then passes the bath through a filter trapping all of the particles. The filtered bath is then pumped back into the ultrasonic cleaning tank resulting in even lower cleaning costs. The filtered sludge is dried and easily disposed. Each month they save a great deal of money by simply reusing their water supply.

How are you currently handling your industrial parts cleaning and waste water disposal? Our team at Omegasonics can provide you with more information on how your company can do these burdensome tasks safer, cheaper, and more efficiently. Call 800-669-8227.