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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Whether it’s an earthquake, fire, flood or any other natural disaster, there’s always something you’re desperate to salvage from the remains. Disasters turn our lives upside down and recovering that one simple thing that was essential to our operations, or so important to us on a personal level, can give us something to hold onto, some hope that there’s still a way to move forward.

These items, when recovered, are often greatly soiled, whether with ash, grime, dirt, grease, muck or any other sort of contaminant. Getting them clean on your own can consume many hours of backbreaking work and even then they might not look like you remember them. There is, however, a means by which you can get your important personal items looking like new, and that’s ultrasonic cleaning.

Contents Restoration and Ultrasonic Cleaning

If you run a business dealing with disaster recovery, contents restoration and ultrasonic cleaning go hand in hand. Ultrasonic cleaners can remove even the toughest debris and caked-on contaminants, from carbon deposits to shellac to heat and ash scaling to grease and oil to mold and rust, and more. The technology has been around for decades and gets better every day.

It is one of the most efficient and thorough methods of cleaning there is — able to get into the tiniest cracks and crevices, without the need to disassemble fragile items. It can clean in places that a brush can’t go and won’t harm the underlying material in any way. It’s safe to use on plastics, ceramics, zinc, aluminum, iron, steel, rubber and just about any other material. Finally, it’s totally environmentally-friendly, using biodegradable detergents and water, nothing more.

The Benefits to a Business

How much time and effort do your employees spend hand-cleaning items that come in from disaster situations? Do you often wish you could focus their efforts elsewhere? With ultrasonic cleaning, you can eliminate on average 70% of all hand-cleaning. This will dramatically improve the productivity and efficiency of your process. You’ll return items looking better than before, and will operate faster, which will increase your profits and revenue.

Using ultrasonic cleaning technology will make you stand out from the competition, allowing you to shift from painstaking, meticulous work in cleaning to an efficient assembly-line process which will produce even better results — up to 25 content boxes per hour or more.

Isn’t It Expensive?

As with any new technology, there is an up-front cost to purchase, install, and train on the equipment before you’ll start seeing a return on investment. However, the equipment should, depending on the size of your business, start to pay for itself within six months, and then your profits will increase! Ultrasonic cleaning technology isn’t an expense: it’s an investment.

Best of all, your customers will look at you as a hero. You’ll be able to clean difficult items that you might have needed to cash out before, from antique china to delicate figures and ceramics, to chandeliers and even stuffed animals.

If you’d like more information on how contents restoration and ultrasonic cleaning go hand-in-hand, read about our Restoration PRO® System, and get in touch with us for more information or help ordering today!