Omegasonics Management Team

Jose Quezada – Production Manager

Jose began working as soon as he was old enough to do so, at the young age of sixteen. He worked at a restaurant where he washed dishes and bussed tables, eventually working his way up to becoming a member of the kitchen staff. Needing a challenge, Jose decided to try his hand at retail where he started as a sales associate and worked hard to become the Sales Lead. Although he was limited by his past positions, Jose’s strong work ethic kept him wanting more. In 2004, having just entered his 20s, Jose took a job at Omegasonics. Seeing the technology around him, his interests were finally peaked and the possibility of more was within reach.

No job was too small for Jose; he learned the ins and outs of the company from wiring all the way to building the machines. Ever the lifelong learner, Jose soaked up all the knowledge he could and while others came and went, Jose knew he found his niche and stayed the course. As with his previous jobs, Jose rose to the top and became the Production Manager of Omegasonics.

He can promise you that his hand is a part of every machine that leaves our facility. His time, care, and attention to detail ensure that you get the best possible product. Not just that, the family that he has cultivated both within and outside of our walls overflows into the relationships he develops with our customers. If you have a problem, you’ll get him on the phone, someone who has been with your unit, and our company, since the beginning.